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Car Visor Extender

Gray Polarized Car Visor Extender


Simply slide this car visor extender onto your built-in car visor and hook velcro straps around the back of the built-in visor. Once attached, adjust the Glare Guard to preferred position and start seeing the road glare free!

The polarized film inside the visor will reduce the harmful glare of the sun while blocking up to 99.9% of UVA and UVB Rays. Glare Guard uses the same polarized technology that you see in top designer sunglass brands, only at a fraction of the price!


Men’s Revel Polarized Sunglasses

$119.99 $59.99

The Revel. This mens sunglass has a sleek urban design. Silver metal frames support stylish curved lines that are attractive on most face shapes. Polarized lenses offer an ultra-clear line of vision while providing maximum sun protection. Solid hinges are highly durable, making these impact resistant and long-lasting, The mirrored exterior completes the classic look.

Night Vision Visor

Yellow Night Vision Car Visor Extender


Our Night Vision Visor is easily installed. Simply slide the clips onto the built-in visor and attach the velcro straps and you are ready to go. Use this Night Vision Visor to help reduce glare from oncoming headlights, streetlights and other distracting lights at night.

This visor will dim down the harsh lights, while improving contrast on the road. It can be used at any time of the day but is most effective in darker conditions.

Glare guard Womens SunglassesGlare Guard Womens Sunglasses

Women’s Vega Polarized – Round



Functional yet trendy, these black rounded frames give you exactly what you need–large visual coverage and full UV protection. But that’s only for starters, because scratch-resistant, anti-glare lenses help you see your surroundings more clearly. And for added fun, the stem of the frames turn from black to blue, making these your go-to glasses, perfect for travel, shopping or just soaking up a few rays of sun in your own backyard.

Enjoy the clarity and comfort of luxury polarized sunglasses from Glare Guard that offer the perfect balance of style and protection.

Gray Polarized Visor Extender

Eliminate Sun Glare on the Road All Day Long

Our Gray Polarized Car Visor Extender Assists in Sun Glare Elimination on the Road.

Glare Guard’s Gray Visor Extender easily attaches to your built-in car visor and flips down to reduce sun glare. Our Visor extensions are made with the same high quality polarizing film you see in high quality, name brand sunglasses.

This visor is perfect for anyone that does a lot of driving or just struggles with sun glare on the road. It is easily flipped up and tucked away when not in use. Driving into the sun can be a very stressful task but with Glare guard, you can now drive worry free. People who are very sensitive to light will be happy to use a visor extender that actually works to protect your eyes.


For more information on polarized film visit our page “What is Polarized Film”.

Yellow Polarized Night Driving Visor

Reduce Headlight Glare and Improve Contrast

Our Yellow Night Vision Visor Extender Helps to Reduce Headlight Glare at Night and Improves Contrast.

Glare Guard’s Night Vision Visor Extender attaches the same way our standard gray visor attaches. Easily clip on to your built-in visor and attach the Velcro straps for extra security. Our yellow visor is polarized in a different way than our standard gray is so you will not be able to test it the same way.

The problem with Headlight Glare is that the way headlights are built, there is no specific light orientation like there is with sun glare. This makes using polarized film to block that glare difficult. We developed a method that tries to force a light orientation with one layer and block that specific orientation with the next layer. We are the only company in the world using this technology.

Headlight glare is difficult because there is no miracle cure like there is with sun glare, but by using a visor such as this, you can reduce many of the negative effects.

Polarized Sunglasses

Quality of Designer Brands Without the Large Price Tag.

Many of our sunglasses are specifically designed to be darker shaded than the standard lens out there because throughout or research we found that the most common complaint consumers have is that their lenses are not dark enough. We also found the prices the top brands are charging to be unnecessarily high.

Our transmission rate for our sunglasses is around 20%, which is roughly 10% darker than most lenses on the market. Most polarized sunglasses on the market today can cost anywhere from $50 to $1000. Obviously some are prescription but these prices are way too high for the average consumer.

All of our sunglasses block 100% of UVA & UVB Rays and come with a money back guarantee.

Car Windshield Cover

Protect Your Car Windshield with our Winter Weather Windshield Cover.

Our windshield cover easily attaches to your car or SUV’s windshield and effectively protects your windshield from inclement weather. Whether it is snow, hail or sleet, our windshield cover will keep your windshield scratch free. It is an easy install, easy removal and folds down and can be placed in our included microfiber drawstring bag for storage.

Each windshield cover includes 6 magnets that will just further the security of the cover. Some automobiles hoods are not made of pure metal, so the magnets will not stick in that situation but the cover will still perform as expected. The magnets just provide a bit of extra security and ease of installation.

What separates Glare Guard from others?

All Visors Manufactured in the USA

All of our visors are manufactured by our parent company, Wave Polarizer, LLC. Wave is the ONLY Polarized Film manufacturer outside of the Far East and the only manufacturer of custom polarizer in the world.

Hand Crafted

Each one of our Sun Visor Extenders is hand crafted and inspected for quality to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your order.

Money Back Guarantee

As much as we think you will love every product we offer, we do understand that people have personal preferences and certain products may not be for everyone. That is why we offer a 30 Money Back Guarantee. This way there is no risk in trying us out!

Fast Shipping

All Domestic Shipments should arrive within 1-4 business days and international within 3-9 business days.

Orders are shipped out either same day or next day, depending on quantity & time of day.